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This is the section of the website where members can upload their own pictures of the projects they create with Rob's instruction. Share your masterpieces with the community and offer others guidance

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  • I wonder how I can rotate these photos???
  • Solid Walnut slant top Secretary.
  • New walnut cabinet for VOX AC-15 Guitar Amplifier. LED edge lit logo
  • Maloof Rocker via Charles Brock plans & video
  • Rob Cosman Scandinavian Bench.
  • "Cosmanian" Bench Ray Carpenter in Omaha
  • Here it's revealed
  • Rob's Hinge idea is virtually invisible!
  • Keepsake box with walnut and birdseye maple. 8.75x5x4
  • Exploded View Dovetailed Bench Hook
  • Redesigned Dovetailed Bench Hook
  • Curly Cherry Box
  • Top is 1 7/8" thick granite.
  • No power tools, no metal, no sandpaper.
  • For my wife's business cards
  • Fun little boxes to make!
  • Still have to install the wagon wheel vise, some refinements to do, fix a couple of minor gap issues with the dovetails, finish some roundover of the edges and a bit of work on the surface.
  • These are the old style Shapton. Note the side support for the block holding the stone.
  • top view of the plexi pond. Note that the center piece has a wedge, seen lower right, which allows the stone holder to be either re positioned or removed for cleaning.
  • stone holder with side support and wedge. This was 1" thick material so that the stone height would clear the sides of the pond.
  • Purple Heart, Poplar, and Red Oak dovetailed box. My first, thanks to Rob Cosman's instruction. Purple Heart Tail Board, Poplar Pin Board Red Oak Top and Bottom...
  • A look in side. Purple Heart, Poplar, and Red Oak dovetailed box
  • Finished with Shellac. Grained filled with dark walnut grain filler.
  • Poplar pin board.
  • Purple Hear Tail Board
  • Grain filled Red Oak bottom.
  • Pin board, tail board, and bottom laid out.
  • Test fit.
  • Pin board vertical cuts made.
  • Test fit.
  • Chiseling out the pin board.
  • Making horizontal cuts on the pin board. Cutting out the waste...
  • Starting the vertical cuts on the pin board. Notice the saw. Two-Cherries Dovetail saw with an old Diston handle I fit. Thanks to Rob Cosman I re-sharpened the saw to get it into shape.
  • Purple Heart Tail Board.
  • The Tail Boards cut and pared.
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