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  • 14 Jan 2019 2:28 PM
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    I've got a workbench project in the works and am awaiting warmer weather (in Wisconsin) to complete the assembly since I'll be needing some glue to attach the tabletop sections together (along with some hardware of course).  I've yet to purchase a front/face vise and have it narrowed down to 3.  

    Until recently, I've been in love with the idea of buying a Benchmarked Glide Table Leg Vise ($450).  The look and functionality of it seem exquisite.  I also like the shoulder vise that Rob Cosman sells but the price is also quite high.  Considering Veritas sells the same item with their brand name on it for $32 (vs. $499), the expectations packed into Rob's shoulder vise are immense.  I also like the Sjoberg Front Vise that Rob sells for about half the price of his shoulder vise.  

    While looking at the shoulder vise, I did not see any instructions as far as how to install it.  It appears to be straight-forward but like most projects, there's always a little twist or unexpected happenstance that catches you off guard.  I'm wondering if there are instructions for Rob Cosman's Shoulder Vise available on his website or elsewhere?  If anyone has purchased Rob's shoulder vise (or any other vises that I've discussed/shown interest in, I'd love to hear your feedback).



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