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  • 30 Jan 2018 8:56 PM
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    22 Years active duty (retired)

    Parachute Rigger with about 1,000 jumps

    Combat unit 2/75th Ranger Bn. Fort Lewis Wa. 2002

    Married 28 years, 5 sons one is also a combat Vet currently a contractor in Afghanistan, 3 of my sons have Fragile X Syndrome so they are totally mentally handicap- and awesome!

    Retired in 2009, went to school, received three degrees- Love being a full time backyard woodworker!

    I'm late for the game here and wish I would have found woodworking years ago but, I don't have a workshop, I work in my shed and back yard so I can't modify much. The one thing that has helped me immensely is the extreme pleasure I get working on whatever it is I'm doing. I too am 100%, broken from head to toe, so I suffer every night from the choices I make during the day, but to me it is worth it. In two days my wife is letting me get a table saw which I have been begging her for a few months now because everything I try to make has been with a circular saw and miter saw which has been working out pretty well except the only wood I can afford is the free kind mainly pallets, so it is pretty darn hard to get strait edges and angles with them but that is part of the therapy for my mind is overcoming that obstacle. Power tools aside- another great benefit of joining Mr. Cosman here was learning about hand tools. My best friend lately is Hyper Tough at Walmart, yeah not great quality but I watched most of the intro videos so far and ran to the store and bought some chisels, sharpened em, and been banging and chipping away on everything I see. I found a small wheel looking thing while out asking for pallets, and it looked similar to Rob's marking gauge so I have been grinding it down to try to make one, looks pretty cool so far. I'm not sure what tool I should get next month but I really want to get a wood plane, or a hand saw  to try out some dovetails that I fear. I ramble a lot as you can see, thank you for your time.

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