Are you a Veteran? American? Have received care from a VA hospital? Have a pulse?

  • 09 May 2017 8:04 PM
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    then this is for you! While yes the following is primarily for US vets in relation to the VA but if your American & you care then read & research.

    The VA OIG ( special interests investigators, the special forces of the USPS yea that's right the postal serveice has super secret special agents & they are empowered by the inspector general, they have more powers legally then FBI or any other in country agency.) 

    The part of the oig attached to the VA was tasked w/ investigations related to the va wait lists & times & possible causes to the deaths of several veterans who died waiting for care.

    Google search bar- type in "VAOIG Summary reports" & select the magnifying glass. It should be the top hit website 

    Or go to 

     Are also offering a reward up to $10000. For any info or leads that result in ending any va corruption & so can submit a complaint you think is worth investigation on line either confidentially or loud and proudly & w/ hopes of a reward!

    Look it up inform & formulate an option & share or tell another vet so we can start forging our own damn dysfunctional veteran lives ;)

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