Veteran workshop group April 2017

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  • 05 May 2017 3:30 AM
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    Richard Blair wrote:
    Anonymous wrote:

    Whats going on guys,

    Well, seems like you guys have gotten some practice time in. Dovetails are looking good. Don't forget about tenons. Ive been trying to work around my therapy schedule to get in the shop. Its driving me crazy, but its for the best. Im in the middle of building a workbench. Well, getting started to build it. Just gathering all my steps and make a list. Its the only way I can ever build and finish a project. Two things for me that are crucial. Plan..Plan..Plan.., and Mis En' Place (everything in its place) I probably spend more time cleaning and organizing than I should, but when It comes to a big project, It feels nice To be organized.

    Organization is a good thing brother. For every hour you spend with organizing, and making your shop more functional, you save an average of 10 mins on every project you complete from here on out. Don't forget to perform tool maintenance as well. Get a Handblock, and some renessaince wax. Keep the rust and corrosion off your tools. I find that we don't have much problem improving our work flow, but we tend to neglect our tools themselves. Keep your blades sharp, tools lubed and rust free, and a clean shop, is a safe shop. Now all we gotta do is get Rob to keep track of his pencil(upgrade to mechanical pencils), and his wax, and we'll be smokin.
         Thanks for the advice,

    I cant truly say I do maintenance on my tools every 3 months, but I do inspect them every 3 months. I dont have many. I have a jointer, table saw, bandsaw, drill press, chop saw and a scroll saw and midi lathe that I have probably used once. Every time I get ready for a big project, I check my table saw and jointer for square. I use wax to Protect everything. I make a paste wax out of jojoba and beeswax. Im the guy that freaks out if there is a knick on my handplane or chisels. You can ask Roger. Sometimes it feels like I like going into the shop to clean instead of build. I get enjoyment out of both. My floors have to be clean at all times, because the front wheels in my chair will get stuck on little offcuts, shavings from the hand plane, get tangled up between the bearings. When that stuff happens, I end up getting upset, and don't feel like going back in the shop. So I make myself be anal about cleanliness and organization. Once I knock out the workbench, I will be making a hanging wall cabinet mock up. The problem with that is, that i'm building enough storage for future tools. it makes it a bit challenging. but thats the next two big projects I have planned. I hope you get your tools soon. I go nuts waiting for tools to arrive in the mail lol.

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