Disability compensation tricks

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  • 11 May 2017 3:25 PM
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    Jesse, keep fighting brother. You give me hope. My dad was recently able to get %100. He just kept having to fight. He says that timing is everything, as well as getting referalls to outside agencies. Outside agencies was key with his. They werent in the loop of scandal, and just wanted to do their job well, and help.
    This is true the out side agencies like DAV, Purple Heart & all the other approved ones are a much better option over going at it alone against the VA. (Yes, I say against. The VA while first created to help & assist the veterans of our country, over time like all things meant to be good, became infected. Infected by the same illness that can unfortunately be found everywhere in our world, by greed.. amongst other things too. Not to say that's the world over either!) be weary of being taken advantage of, exploited and son on, by the great many number of 501(3)c not for profit organizations. It is just  another off shoot of corporate America in the guise of a friendly hand outreached with other hand reaching deep into the pockets of tax payers, various government agencies and departments and even the ones in need who they are meant to be aiding. (Again not all)

    having an immense interest in starting a NFP org to further the awareness about Veteran PTSD and suicide, & Ben fortunate enough to have logged 199s of hours at a local soup kitchen & various others. I did my research this past months, I even was keeping an eye out for possible options to share w/ my bros/sis in arms, & to even receive help myself so I can hopefully soon get out of this rut. (I'm putting together a. List of other options available for advancement of veterans w/ disabilities, state & fed benifits to supplement income & so on) i alsofound a couple websites that compile all the information about an Org. Like who's in charge, how much do they get paid(average pay for CEO &/or board members is $100000 - $150000 plus full benifits, retirement plan, & usually an expense account or two) This is invaluable information for either a recipient or a donor, many of these "charity groups" squander & pocket funds all of which receive many private donations, government grants, & larger charity groups often give grants too, all tax free. Best example is The Wounded Warriors Foundation, everyone knows them & many think they are the pinnacle of charity to veterans.... about or less than, 50% of all money actually went to their programs aimed at helping others. For years it went this way, & what they did spend on charity was usually in the form of easilykept & desirable items kept in offices, & on large quantities of frivolous items like $5000 worth of kool aide, & several retreats, FUN-raisers & "business trips". Thank fully many watch dog org have risen to the call & have doubled has direct assistance to vets & vet organizations but also has an approval & ratings reviewer  force of good. Police your own is always a good way. Not too mention they are 100% volunteer & 100% of all received donations & grants goes to vets in need or to veteran outreach groups in the form of a grant, however they must pass a rigorous but fair testing... every year! To be considered for grants & to be put on a popular list of who's who to trust when donating. 

    Moral- i have too much time on m../././. Not thats not it umm the moral is do your homework before you allow any outside agency represent you or have access to your personal & private ID info. Even the va has been collecting money for veterans who died years ago! The VA!!! Lying about who's alive & not, then collecting the checks on them, they even created veterans who never even existed!!!!!!! GOOGLE search - VA OIG summary reports 2017. Ever hear about vets dying why weaiting for an appt? Well the investigation results have finally been released to the public. Funny many things were omitted... many things were excused or dismissed.... yet the report might say other wise the end of it usually reports not enough eveidence.... interesting 

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