Where is the PHP class videos?

  • 30 Dec 2018 3:58 PM
    Message # 6977078

    I've watched them before, but I wanted to share with my wife (I'm a retired disabled veteran) and i can't find them. They were labeled so as to be readily found but now i can only find episode "xx". Things like this seem to happen regularly, anyway that's off topic. Please someone help if they happen to know where they were moved to. I looked at about 50 episodes before writing this and gave up. 

  • 30 Dec 2018 11:41 PM
    Reply # 6977421 on 6977078

    Hi Doug, the PHP videos are in with the "Lumber Rack" episodes under "Rob's Online Workshop".  Hope this helps.

    Dave B.

    Last modified: 31 Dec 2018 1:35 AM | Dave
  • 02 Jan 2019 4:30 PM
    Reply # 6980391 on 6977078

    Thank you Dave! 

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