Time Warp

  • 03 Oct 2018 3:12 PM
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    Hi Rob:

    I'm a bit concerned about the timeliness of any discussion here.  I noticed a couple of wood rack suggestions (good ones, I think) posted in the last two days.  But, since the first wood rack episode is dated September 17 but did not appear on the website until October 2, any input from your customers here seems a bit pointless.  By the time you see these comments the wood rack could have been built and already filled with lumber.

    I understand your delays in recording the episodes since you are still moving in and adjusting.  But is there something we can do about the two-week-plus delays (that have been with us for at least a month) between recording and uploading to the website?


    Mike Curry

  • 03 Oct 2018 3:40 PM
    Reply # 6705785 on 6705678

    Hi Mike

    Just spoke to Rob on the phone, the episode dated Sept 17 was actually filmed on Oct. 2.  The dates stated on the recent episodes are "date due" and not actually "date filmed".  Because of complications involved in the shop move, shooting is late and the due date is just a way to keep track of episodes owed.  There is no actual "time warp", tips are appreciated and timely.

    Carry on.


  • 03 Oct 2018 7:20 PM
    Reply # 6706139 on 6705678

    Thanks Larry. It seems I learn something new every day.  I guess that means I'm not dead yet.

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