Wood Rack design questions and suggestions

  • 03 Oct 2018 7:51 AM
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    Hi Rob a couple of questions and a comment about the wood rack design

    1. How are you planning to tie the rack sections together and how will you prevent them from racking and remain perpendicular to the floor?  I built a similar rack many years ago and tied the rack sections to my 11’ high ceiling which worked out great.  The extra height may give you a place to put stock that you want to acclimate to the shop over a long period of time like you did with the overhead storage in the old shop.
    2. When making the mock up you indicated that you plan to use 2-by dimensioned lumber and scaled your pieces accordingly.  In doing that did you adjust for the fact that dimensioned 2 X6 lumber is actually 5 ¼ “ wide and not a full 6”?
    3. I  see very little advantage for canting the vertical members.  Lumber is the strongest when the force/weight is applied directly in-line with it’s length so by canting you are actually reducing the load carrying ability of the vertical supports. If used perpendicularly you could actually use 2 x 4 vs 2 x 6 vertical members and have plenty of strength especially if you go with the blocking between the horizontal members.  The only benefit I can see for canting is that it may reduce the probability of side to side racking which I solved in my design by tying into the ceiling.

  • 03 Oct 2018 11:30 AM
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    Hi Rob

    Instead of using dimensional lumber for the construction, how about using 3/4 plywood and a similar technique to your workbench bases? Lots of glue and staples and that puppy ain’t going nowhere!


    Rob P. 

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