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  • 19 Sep 2018 12:34 PM
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    One of the needs those of us with PTSD seem to have in common is keeping our backs close to a wall so nobody can come up behind us. One bench arrangement--if there is adequate space--would have the 12 benches arranged in a circle (or rectangle) with you and your bench in the center. 

    We could then stay at our benches for demonstrations, have our backs to a wall, and not have to reserve an otherwise unoccupied space for chair gathering. We would always be beside two other students to ask questions and have discussions. 

    Leaving your Sjobergs benches set up (instead of having to rescue them from storage each pair of classes, as we did in 2017) will be a major benefit since students can get to know each other at the benches instead of at the storage facility. You will also be able to set out donated tools in advance. 

    You can even have a bench-location-request system (akin to airline seat reservations) so those with special needs (including wheel chair, impaired vision, and limited mobility--among other needs, like those folks who are left-handed) can be in the best possible bench location.

    Already suggested elsewhere would be a lockable tool cabinet behind each bench--great idea! Having a bench stool (with vendor advertising dominantly displayed and thus likely donated), will eliminate the need for chairs during demonstrations. Floor sweeps at each corner of the classroom would simplify shaving collection. The dust collection system would then be on only during breaks.

    I'm sure others will add to this list, and I share your joy in having the new facility. 

    Doc Bailey

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