• 17 Jul 2018 1:05 AM
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    in the training area, you asked for suggestions.

    first i think it might be a good idea, to have floor sweeps connected to the dust collector. will save time with clean up and make it easier with all the dust and plane shavings. it doesnt need to run during class but loading a barrel or trash can up that then has to be carried to where ever you are dumping the waste will become a chore.

    second, your students will come with a good percentage of their tools, some may have built your portable tool chest or something similar, but to have a small shelf system like your old tool cabinet behind or close to each bench would allow them to put their tools up when the first arrive and not be hunting in totes or boxes for their tools.  for multi-day classes doors that can be locked would also help.  the added benefit to having tool shelves installed is every time they go to get something they realize those empty spaces are the tools they dont have, that you recommend.   

    third, you said previously the area to the front and right of the current bathroom hallway ....? was  going to be a shipping and store front area. what about a full glass wall between it and the training area, when you are having classes any one who stops by can see the tools in real peoples hands with out actually interfering with the class. 

    not related to the training area, but for your film shop set up, it seems no one is ever around when you are filming, no other work is being done, to me that says you are working long hours after the day shop is finished so as to reduce background noise. would a wall around your filming area, allow you to work shorter hours or during normal hours rather than curtailing the rest of the shops actions. it would also make it quieter when the dust collector or anything else is running.  you dont seem to run a tripod mount for the camera, so the times you need to go into the regular shop side to use the table saw, jointer, and planer with their inherent noise would be understandable. 

    again, thank you for putting so much time and effort into puttin out these videos, and classes and everything else. 

    what you are doing is good for everyone but especially what you are doing for both our countries veterans. i know when im hurting to bad to actually do more than sit and veg on the computer, i readily turn to your videos for entertainment as much as for the ideas and methods you show. 

    Irvin small

    us navy veteran.

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