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  • 05 Jun 2018 2:43 PM
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    wow the new space looks like it will be awesome. I think its a great idea, tho I suspect the 1 month estimated time to build may be a bit off lol . Can't wait till the videos are done there .


  • 06 Jun 2018 9:06 AM
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    I agree Thomas, one month, it doesn’t seem very long unless there is big team to help. It certainly will be a big improvement. There’s nothing like having lots of room.

    Keep the videos coming Rob we all like looking at workshops.


  • 08 Jun 2018 6:08 AM
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    I agree the new shop is going to be really nice. I think it will be so nice having everything on the same level. I couldn't imagine at my age now(71) going up and down those stairs everyday.


  • 11 Jun 2018 7:42 PM
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    ROB COSMAN (Administrator)

    Did a 10 minute spot in the new shop at the beginning of tonights episode.   It is coming together.


  • 13 Jul 2018 10:00 AM
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    Hey Rob,

    Congrats on the new shop, it look great.

    What are you going to do about spraying?  Where would you spray a finish when you cannot do it outside (that's if you can do it outside)?


  • 16 Jul 2018 9:09 AM
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    ROB COSMAN (Administrator)

    Hi Maz, that is going to be a problem, there is a back door and I might be able to sneak out there and do some small spraying.  I have the room to put in a spray booth if I find one reasonably priced.  


  • 17 Jul 2018 7:52 AM
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    Have you given any thought to dropping down some air lines? 

  • 17 Jul 2018 2:55 PM
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    Rob, you did not mention so far how are you going to handle dust collection pipes. Wouldn´t it be ideal to create an under the flor pipe network hence avoiding the lowering of pipes from the ceiling??   You have already defined the machinery layout so it would be quite easy to determine where the dust collection terminals would have to be placed. I have always dreamed to have a shop with some sort of an undrground dust collection system eliminating the pipes hanging from the ceiling. There is no such a thing as a zero dust shop environment, and piping hanging from above are always covered with dust. Is even worse if you use corrugated pipes. To clean the dust from these pipes hanging in the air is a total nightmare. Since you have a “floating” floor to channel piping under the floor level,  it doesn´t appear to be difficult at all...... Perhaps it is to late now that you have buried the electrical wiring but ...... 

  • 21 Jul 2018 10:32 PM
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    I would rethink the mobile clamp rack.  That thing will be crazy heavy and you will just end up never moving it.  I realize you have lots of floor space now, but the clamps are best placed on the wall.  95% of the time you are going to use them at a bench for assembly. Which means just locate them near your benches.  Also why not downsize your pipe clamps?  You rarely use more than a few. There must be 20+ I can see on the walls.  

  • 22 Jul 2018 9:10 PM
    Reply # 6392847 on 6286601

    There have been several episodes where Rob has used every one of the pipe clamps, and would have liked to have had more. I think he has shown us that it is true that you can never have too many clamps,

    Rich Scott

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