Drawer sides for Tool Cabinet

  • 03 Apr 2018 12:53 PM
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    Hey Rob,

    I understand that you went with Aspen because it was light, and you created that inset piece to give it a wider surface to run on (To protect its life).... However, just curious... Why not just rip an 1/8" or even a 1/4" off the bottom of each drawer side, and then glue up a piece of hard maple to take the place of the piece you cut off? Seems like that would be a lot less work, and a cleaner design on the inside of the drawer? I get that it won't be as wide (the bottom of each drawer slide), but heck, I don't think you will wear out the hard maple. 


  • 06 Apr 2018 4:09 AM
    Reply # 6031554 on 6013244

    you should also take into account the surface in which it rides on. Yes, your strategy will keep the bottom of the drawer from being worn, but what about the other surface? by adding the piece to make it wider, it spreads out the pressure and lengthens the life of the other surface. make sense?

  • 08 Apr 2018 11:24 AM
    Reply # 6052718 on 6013244

    I’m not sure that’s worth it.... the Aspen is a really soft wood, that’s why it needs some help.... but the ply should be just fine.

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