CNC machines. Have to get this off my chest.

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  • 18 Jan 2018 6:18 PM
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    My opinion is, CNC is a tool. Every one of us dislike some portion of a project and absolutely love a different part of a project. For instance, I HATE finishing. With a passion, the part I love the most is figuring out my joinery. What joint works where and the best way to go about them. Since I hate finishing, if I had a machine that I could feed my project through and it spits it out on the other end with a finish on it then I would go for it. So think about what a CNC does. Now If someone like to design on a computer and manipulate machinery. But struggles with cutting fine joinery, or they want this electorate carving on their piece but dislike the carving process then here is a tool to get around that. To me, CNC is just another tool that helps produce a final project. Also, CNC companies have a bunch of bucks to buy up all the advertising.

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