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  • 14 Dec 2017 5:55 AM
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    Hi Rob

    You mentioned that you don't have a use for narrow plywood off cuts and just discard them. You also said you were concerned about the shelves sagging as they are a little thin for the longer shelves. I use my narrow offcuts to thicken the shelf by gluing them in the center of the longer shelf along the full length. As it is narrower than the shelf it fits between the support pins and helps to stop the shelf from sliding forward when you pull items from the shelf. The added thickness also prevents sagging. Waste not want not.

  • 14 Jan 2018 12:51 AM
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    I too save and use plywood cuttoffs. Our budget is tight and when a leaking basement foundation wall came due the wife bought two set of the cheapest Walmart shelving available.  I glued edge to edge the width of the shelves center supports. 1 for the bottom and three for the centers of each shelf cut to the height of the books that went on the shelves. No sagging centers ever. I even took marker to make the ends look like book bindings. I wouldn't put too much effort into the edge glue-up as the plywood can dull sawblades ect. and could be this is why Rob chucks them into the burn bin or wherever. 

    As to be expected the contractor showed on Veterans Day and made an ungodly mess, cut cables and phone lines in the backyard and broke the gas line to the wife's dryer. Thanksgiving through the New Year has been the pits. I want my shop back and until I repair 32 feet of wall that was opened up with a sawsall well.... Happy New Year. 

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