blades and angles

  • 22 Nov 2017 1:00 PM
    Message # 5598584

    Rob, I'd like your thoughts on the comparison between IBC blades and the stock Wood River blades. 

    I've found that the IBC blades are much harder than the stock blades. I presume that would mean that the IBCs will hold an edge longer. Perhaps better on wood like Jatoba that seems to like to eat blades?

    Like to hear your thoughts.

    The second question has to do with back bevels on blades. I saw the video where you put a 20 degree back bevel on a blade which you reserved for very difficult wood with conflicting grain.  In your experience does such a blade change the thickness of a shaving that can be had? 

    Cheers From Seattle...smoked salmon awaits! 

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