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  • 06 Aug 2017 7:04 PM
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    right now I am trying to make a ring box for my future brother in law's wedding. I want to make it from Walnut and a second brighter wood. After seeing the wood hinge tool/drill you are offering I'd like to have one too. but.... in metric based Europe getting an imperial sized drill, roundwood and so on is almost impossible. :( is there another way to get a hole centered in a piece of roundwood, so I can stick a piece of bras in it? I got routerbits for my router to make round wood and the same diameter to fit it on the box but getting the drill center thrue the whole length gives bad dreams ;-)

    or is it possible to buy the wood hinge and use a metric drill?(3 or 4 mm) then I could order a jig to make imperial roundwood and it would fit. the drill must be metric cause you can't get imperial sized brass sticks here.

    cheers, kamil

  • 09 Aug 2017 1:05 AM
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    ROB COSMAN (Administrator)

    Hi Kamil, there is another way.  I show it in the woodhinge dvd that you can get immediately through "One Demand".  In a nut shell, clamp a pc of hardwood to your drill press table, drill a hole in the wood deep enough to hold half the length of the hinge pcs.  Unchuck the big drill and replace it with the small drill that matches the rod you plan to  use.  Put your pc of dowel in the hole and with the small drill in the chuck, it will find the center of your dowel automatically.  Drill slow, it is very easy for small bits to follow the path of least resistance.  (which probably wont be the center of the dowel!)



  • 09 Aug 2017 9:06 AM
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    Hi Rob,

    thanks a lot! I just watched the video on Vimeo. it was vey helpful!

    Cheers Kamil

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