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  • 15 Sep 2017 10:24 AM
    Reply # 5262051 on 4971471

    The new mic setup sounds great now. 

  • 06 Oct 2017 1:25 PM
    Reply # 5299505 on 4971471

    I agree with the comments about the sound quality from the clip-on mike.  I'm watching the base cabinet series (about halfway through - love the error corrections), and often the noise and other artifacts are terribly distracting.  I know Rob has to breathe, but I would rather that wasn't the dominant audio element...

  • 30 Nov 2017 3:19 AM
    Reply # 5607081 on 4971471

    Hey Guys,

    When listening to speech, it is almost always beneficial to adjust your sound with an equalizer. I have a Mac laptop and use eqMac. There are others available for download. If you cut the bass frequencies and boost the top end you will definitely hear what he is saying more clearly. I just save the setting that works named as Youtube, and launch it when listening to videos.



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