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  • 21 Feb 2018 7:41 AM
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    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on this forum. I’ve been trying to work my way through my first series...the dining room table. It has been a great experience except for the fact that it seems I cannot view the videos on any of my iPads. It runs perfectly well on my desktop which uses WiFi. I have 2 ipads, and it does the same thing on both. One is an Air 2 and the other is an Pro. I get about 30 sec of video and then it just locks up and starts buffering. I’ve had at&t out here to check the WiFi, it’s working perfectly fine. Any thoughts or suggestions? I travel quite a bit so I watch them in my downtime, but with the current issues, that’s not an option. Thanks in advance

  • 09 Mar 2018 2:35 AM
    Reply # 5927311 on 5812951

    I have the same issue. Here is what helped. I still get some buffering but not as bad. Once you start to play a video, and the video screen pops up. In the lower right hand corner, tap on the gear. Take it off of auto and play the video at a lesser quality. Still buffers, but not nearly as often, and not nearly as long. waaay less frustrating.

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