Saw Bench leg connection suggestion

  • 17 Jan 2018 11:33 AM
    Message # 5687630


    Permanently fasten the cross brace to the leg assembly so the entire thing hinges.  Use a hinge on both sides.  The hinge closest to the end of the bench will use a removable pin as a means of affixing the collapsible assembly when in use.  Basically 1/2 of the hinge is fixed to the bottom of the bench, the other half to the cross brace.  When swung into place the knuckles align, slide in the pin.  If you use a pin with a ring on the end you can wire the ring to the leg assembly so it doesn't get lost.  This type of connection is really secure and simple.  I use a similar method to reinforce the stake sides of my utility trailer.  When I put the sides on, the cross braces each have a hinge connection where all I do is insert or remove the pin as desired.  This really strengthens the whole assembly so it doesn't wobble around in the stake pockets while going down the road.

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