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  • 05 Jan 2018 1:53 PM
    Message # 5663575

    I am only 3 days into my subscription but have made it through the assembly table and most of the vice conversion.  During the assembly table series there was the out feed table detour but in the vice conversion it looks like the assembly table has broken off the saw.  Would love to know the story behind that since I have the same saw and similar folding out feed table (actually added mine before seeing the video and kept talking to the screen to point out problems he was going to encounter). 

  • 12 Jan 2018 3:37 PM
    Reply # 5679409 on 5663575
    ROB COSMAN (Administrator)

    Got in the way, pain to raise and lower.  Having a bench behind the saw has been a lot more practical.  cheers


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