Post HT-PT-Ep141 to youtube?

  • 13 Sep 2016 9:44 PM
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    I was thinking that HandTool Portable ToolBox Ep141 Aug 18, 2016 might be a good "free-bie" post on YouTube and other social medias? Not only is it a great educational session with the Master himself, Rob Cosman BUT! It has kinda the announcement of Operation Second Chances, Piece of Peace Please, Dovetails for Peace... We are the World and Rob can sing? nah MJ did that one. Most importantly, when a prospective woodworker starts out, like myself, we spend hours and days typing in Keywords of some of the things that excite us the most about woodworking. Toolbox-Portable-handtool-workshop.. etc. personally in my opinion of course. thanks yall

  • 13 Sep 2016 10:08 PM
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    OR! we can do like a PSA style video. "Hi I'm Jesse Paredes, US Marine, an aspiring woodworker and student of the Rob Cosman Online Workshop(display website address on screen). I have injuries(lights dim, casting a shadow over Jesse, attempting to convey the darkness he feels and will carry his whole life) from my time spent overseas during OIF/OEF and some of those injuries... (places somber hand over his heart) can't be seen or fixed." then the camera pans right and the lights go from dim shadows to a bright spotlight on Rob " and I'm Rob Cosman, Master Woodworker and Maker of High Quality Tools, I also am a Hand and Power Tool Instructor, Hockey Player and Fan 'Mighty Ducks, quack!!!' and most importantly, a Husband and Father of ten wonderful children(camera cut away to the Cosman family in their sunday's best and big warm smiles looking in Robs direction then back to Rob). But I am also a supporter of the young men and women who pledge to uphold peace and protect those who cannot. I am talking about the fine Armed Forces of both Canada and the United States, and even the Airforce and Coast Guard....." and it would then go into brief telling about the Vet Fund and how the US MARINES are probably the coolest most hardcore warriors around. : )) 

  • 14 Sep 2016 12:35 AM
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    ROB COSMAN (Administrator)

    We'll talk about this on the plane (airplane) tomorrow!


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