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  • 02 Dec 2017 10:08 AM
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    Hey Rob.

    Great videos. Really enjoying learning here. I had a question though.

    It seems there are many times during your project that you would benefit from using a digital caliper measurement. I was just watching the cherry end table build, and was reminded that this is not the first time it seemed like an accurate measurement would save some time and be helpful. I am just wondering if there is a reason you don't use one. They are dead on accurate and fairly cheap now. I know it doesn't fit with the history of using "hand tools" exactly, and may be somewhat off-putting for some purists. 

    At any rate, thanks for the videos and what you do for the rest of us.


  • 19 Dec 2017 7:14 PM
    Reply # 5643109 on 5610206

    I can tell you why I dont use them much on a project. And when I do use them on actual project, i lock it in place and dont really pay attention to the actual numbers on it. It's more of a gauge than anything. The reason for me is. My steel rules and my calipers dont line up. When I went to buy my steel rulers, I got my 14" first. I then used that rule as a calibrater to buy my 12", 8", 6".I made sure they were all perfectly the same. Also, when I use a tape measure, I make sure that I always use that tape measurefor all like items. My tape measure doesn't line up to my rulers, nor does it line up to my calipers. So I tend to stay away from my calipers for that reason alone. I take a measurement with my 6" rule, then I use that same rule to transfer that measurement to whtever else it needs to be transfered to. The numbers and lines are not as important as you think. Think about it this way. I can be more acurate making a tic mark on a piece of paper and transfering that than most people can be using two different measuring devices. As long as I use the same piece of paper throughout.

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